Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kylee Natalie

June is Kylee's birthday month. This year she turned 8. I know, seriously. My little tow-headed niece is eight. Kylee is special. And smart. And beautiful. And the best big sister ever. Now that I've moved away, Kylee is one of the people I miss most of all.

Kylee is my second niece, plays soccer, loves games, and has a unique, raspy speaking voice.

And she has excellent taste in shoes.

That's her baby sister Kamryn the cherub cheeked. Isn't Kylee a good big sister?

Oh rapture. Oh cheeks.

Kylee is a budding photographer.

She likes to have her nails just so. That is a definite virtue.

It was so nice seeing her in April. In honor of my visit she even stayed over with Mom and me and we did everything we used to do. Kylee and I have our traditions you know. We have sleepovers. We have tea parties. We paint our nails. We walk in the rain. We play endless games of match (all of which she wins--I'm not so good at match).

Be still my heart.

We swing sometimes.


Sometimes I wonder if it is quite fair to the rest of the world that I have so many utterly adorable nieces and nephews. I have ten going on twelve you know. I am blessed.