Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am blessed.

I have had my share of suffering--and life isn't done with me yet. I have learned that there is secret grief, hidden pain in every heart. We truly live in a weary, weary world, and I cry...all the time. Tonight I am tired. Just when I thought there was nothing more that could possibly happen, more has happened. I am not sorry for the pain. Pain is an excellent teacher. And yet, as I shuffle to the corner for the hundredth time this week to take a few more deep, deep breathes, I do wish for a fast forward button. Or maybe just a pause button. Just for a few minutes. The world can wait a few minutes. One, two, three...

I have learned that God's gentleness matches my need ounce for ounce. I have learned that His love is my only hope. I have learned that His arms are my only hiding place. I have learned that I am blessed. So I'm lining up my blessings and the things I love. Thank you Jesus!

And other things that I don't have good enough pictures to express:

-All my brothers and sisters: Joel & Rachel, Ben & Sarah, Ben & Casie, Nathan & Megan, Tom & Anna, and Mark & Lindsay
-All my nieces and nephews: Mary, Kylee, Katie, Justus, Andrew, Timothy, Kenton, Douglas, Kamryn, Seth, and Brieyn
-All my sweet aunts, uncles and cousins
-New York
-Franklin Square OPC
-The Christmas lights in my bedroom
-I could go on forever...


  1. Beautiful, darling. From one weepy but grateful girl to another, I love you. :-)

  2. So very thankful the Lord placed you in our family! I love you "to infinity and beyond!" ;)

  3. Oh thanks Krista--your praise is held in high esteem. I love you too. :)

    And Mom, I love you to the bottom of the deepest fractal imaginable.